Heaven in Hell



Is a mature woman allowed to fall madly in love and throw herself into a whirlwind of passion? Can an attractive young man choose an older partner, giving her the tenderness and closeness that she has been missing so much?
In Heaven in Hell Olga (Magdalena Boczarska) is fifteen years older than Max (Simone Susinna). She is a woman with a successful career and an adult daughter. He is a handsome young man, living life to the fullest and seizing every moment. Fate has brought them together and entangled them in a passionate romance.
Olga is torn between opposing feelings: her sense of responsibility struggles against a budding romance, shame stands in the way of passion, and control wrestles with a longing for the spontaneity of youth.
Max begins to understand that his carefree life is losing its appeal. He is certain that the woman he has met is the love of his life, but he does not know how to conquer the obstacles that stand in the way of their being together.
When long held secrets come to light, the choices that the lovers in Heaven in Hell will have to make become even more complicated. They both love the wild elements, the wind and violent sea, but will they have the courage to jump into the unknown?


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