Chhakka Panja 4



Chakka Panja is a story of a stubborn man who is quite deceptive. He sees politics as an opportunity ot make a mark and gain power. He decides to enter local politics and resorts to tampering with the election votes in order to get the results he wants. He is impulsive and makes decisions without considering their consequences. He has his own idea of the law & order which in his blind enthusiasm, causes more harm than good. soon enough, politics becomes a laughing stock. His actions lead t a lot of chaos which gets thrown into disarray. The man goes through a change of heart and realizes that he was on the wrong path.
He makes a change to create a better place. At the end, the man becomes a respected figure in his community. He adds value to society. He truly makes a difference and that becomes his greatest accomplishment.
The story reveals the consequences of electing someone with a less than stellar history. This humorous routine will keep the audience in stitches and leave them with a few lessons about the power of the vote, blind trust, nepotism, ethics and values.


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